Download Version Retired

With recent versions of PHP, some of the older versions (and potentially future versions) of Ad Peeps installations may fail or be less secure as functions are depreciated (we can’t control that). In addition, customers tend to only upgrade when forced – which means the download is subject to security vulnerabilities, outdated features or modules, etc.

Due to this we have ended active development for the download software to focus on the emerging cloud offerings. In fact, many companies are migrating towards scalable cloud solutions and Ad Peeps Hosted has been running successfully for over 6 years serving billions of impressions on behalf of clients just like you.

With the hosted service — we handle the infrastructure, software updates, database, backups etc and you just use the service just like you do today.

Best of all, if you purchased the download of Ad Peeps we have grandfathered you in so the service is “zero cost” to you. That’s right — you won’t pay a dime as a part of our commitment to you.

We encourage you to consider switching to the hosted. You can even have it configured to be served from a subdomain using CNAMES (i.e. instead of ours.

Please see the top 10 reasons you should seriously consider moving to Ad Peeps Hosted
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Here is how to accept this offer:

1. Visit and click Signup for Trial

2. Once you have created your account simply open a ticket with your account number

We will then “convert” your trial account to a non-payment plan that will allow you to use the service and its entire feature at no cost to you.

Thank you so much for your business.