Geotargeting Database

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What is the geotargeting database?
How much does it cost?
How do I install the Maxmind Database with Ad Peeps?
How accurate is the GeoTargeting Database?
I set the geotargeting settings but my ad still doesn't show.
Geotargeting is not an exact science and the database is updated 
monthly with updates from the vendor.

First test to see what information the database has about your IP. 
Navigate to an ad and click on the Geotargeting Tab.

You will see something similar to this with your information:

Your IP Address: Country: United States (US) State / 
Region: City / Territory:

Based on this, it knows we're in the United States but doesn't know 
where in North Carolina or Charlotte. Therefore if we set this restriction 
the ad would not show for us.

For many users it can detect city and state but there are plenty it can't.

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