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Does Ad Peeps Send Expiration E-mails
Ad Peeps sends notifications to Advertisers that their ad is about to expire 
10 days before it expires, 3 days prior to expiration and when it finally 

This is for ads set to expire by Date. For ads that are set to CPC or CPM 
they will get an e-mail when the ad expires.

The subject of this e-mail is "Advertising Statistics Report".

To enable/disable this feature, as administrator navigate to Features 
/ Settings > Settings / Configuration> E-mail Statistics to Advertisers. You 
will be able to disable the feature, or set the frequency to how often the e-
mails should be sent to your advertisers (or yourself if the administrator e-
mail is used).

You can also change the frequency or disable this feature PER advertiser by 
updating the settings on their account profiles.

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