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What are your support hours?
I would rather speak to someone!
To provide the absolute best-in-class service, we do not
offer telephone support. Our Customer Interaction System
(CIS) allows us to help customers as efficiently as possible
while keeping operational cost down -- we in turn pass these
savings on directly you (no fees for updates, low TCO of

Unlike many companies, we are open 365 -- including Christmas. 

However, if we provided enough staff needed to manage a call
center this would lead to very expensive cost (overhead) we
would be forced to pass to our customers.

Since our focus is on small and medium size businesses --
this is not our intention.

We know that nothing really can compensate for that
one-on-one interaction in a phone which is why we have went
to great lengths to add every possible question we could
think of to our FAQ as well as offer online support thats
responsive and helpful.

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