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What are the installation requirements?
Ad Peeps was designed and built to work on all major web
host - on Windows and Linux based O/S. 

The following requirements will ensure a smooth installation
on your website.

1) PHP ( ) 5.1 and higher
- file_uploads should be on to allow banner images to be
uploaded from hard-drive
- mail function – built-into PHP to send e-mails
2) MYSQL ( 5.1 and higher
3) SSL-enabled curl extension – required to connect to
PayPal IPN and/or
4) Minimum 50 MB RAM

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Are all the features available in the 7 day trial?
Yes - We do no block any features in the trial as the trial
version is the ACTUAL full-version of the software with the
license lock feature turned off.

As such if you decide to purchase Ad Peeps after the trial
period you will not loose any data or have to redo your ads
or configuration.

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How much are updates and how often?
Starting Feb. 2014, updates are free for 12 months when
purchase of software.

To make the update schedule easier to understand, we will
update Ad Peeps 3 times per year (about every 4 Months).

This makes our product extremely competitive and lowers your
total cost of ownership. 

After the year period, you can purchase an Update package
that will give you another 12 months of updates. Check out
Pricing Page for the latest rates.

To Download the Latest Update, visit: and enter your
Transaction ID.

If you don't recall this, no worries you can have it sent to
the e-mail used to purchase Ad Peeps.

You are required to pay for any "bonus" modules that are
pure enhancements and work outside of the normal
functionality of the software such as Coupon Modules.

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Is ad software resource intensive?
Ad Peeps PHP/MYSQL software is designed to run leanly in a
shared hosted environment. 

While Ad Peeps is optimized to run with a small foot-print,
it’s critically important to understand the nature of a
complete ad management system such as Ad Peeps.

For starters, the software is recording a significant amount
of information; IP Addresses, impressions, clicks, browser
details, geographic information (if installed) – even hourly

For a very busy and popular website, this could equate to
Gigabytes worth of statistical data very quickly. In
addition, ad servers typically are busy 24/7 with no breaks
since people are accessing your ads presumably as long as
your website is up and functioning in every time zone.

As such we strongly recommend that your ad management system
is installed on a server that has plenty of memory, CPU to
handle the load – especially during
peak hours.

Read more about performance here:

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I am a download customer however now interested in hosted.
Can I upload my data from my database into the hosted solution?
No, sorry. While the tables are identical the account
numbers are not. Your local copy most likely starts with
10000 and our hosted system would vary because of other
customers on the system.

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I forgot my login Password
Your username is always admin.

On the main login screen, there is a Forgot Password link.
Input the e-mail address you have in your systems and the
software will e-mail you your password hint (if available)
or a link to reset your password.

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What ad sizes does Ad Peeps support?
Ad Peeps does not have any restrictions on ad sizes. You can
upload any size you want. Most sizes are on the drop down
list however Ad Peeps will try to automatically detect the
size you're using.

We recommend use standard sizes however as set forth by so that your advertisers would
most likely have artwork within these guidelines.

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What does your installation service entail?
We charge $25 PER DOMAIN we install Ad Peeps on.

This small fee includes the following.

1. Upload all program files via FTP to your web server
2. Setup your mysql database (via control panel if you don't
have setup)
3. Testing installation

If you purchase a license at time of install, we will also
plug that in. Otherwise by default you will be placed on the
trial to give you time to evaluate Ad Peeps.

You can also install Ad Peeps yourself by following the
instructions at

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How often is the software updated?
We aim to release an update -- including bug
fixes, new features, or enhancements approx. every 4 months.

January, May and September

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Can the language of Ad Peeps be translated?
Yes! Most advertiser-facing screens can be translated into
the language of your choice. The following screens currently
can be translated into another language:
1. Login Screen
2. Advertiser Statistics
3. Ad Rates Card
4. Advertiser Statistics
5. Account Information
6. Payment History
7. Advertiser Graphs

Detailed instructions can be found at:

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Can I resell Ad Peeps?
No. All licenses must be purchased through If 
you are a web developer, you may purchase a copy on behalf 
of your client and bill them for it. However, you may not 
present yourself as an official reseller. 

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How do I generate my license code(s)?
After you purchase a 1, 3, or 5 domain license you can
generate the license for each domain at

NOTE: If you purchased multiple licenses, you don't need to
generate all the codes right away, as we store them in our
database. Just revisit this page when you're ready!

You will need your transaction ID found on your e-mail
receipt to access the system.

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My currency symbol or translated language shows invalid or 
junk characters.
Ad Peeps uses a default character set of UTF-8. However to 
properly show some characters correctly,
you may need to modify the character set that supports your 
To do that, edit the head_foot.php file and find the following 
Change to the character set you desire such as:

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I received an e-mail from my Ad Peeps software saying:

The auto_cron.php script encountered an error while
executing some task.
Software Url:

Error:Table './database_name/adpeeps_ads' is marked as
crashed and should be repaired
Contact Ad Peeps Support for help resolving if needed. 
In some rare instances, MYSQL database table may crash. If
you experience, this you should run the following command
from PHPMYADMIN or similar tool:

REPAIR TABLE table_name;

You can also try to login as administrator, Ad Peeps will
try to auto repair the table for you since when logging in
as admin it checks the table health.

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When generating the PHP Html Code we receive the following 

Warning: include() [function.include]: http:// wrapper is 
disabled in the server configuration by allow_url_include=0
This is a PHP security issue. You are trying to include a URL 
which is not allowed.

Instead change to the absolute path of the adpeeps.php and 

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Settings screen is blank (can't save)?
If its blank next to the CURL section it is
because,curl_init which is a function we use to connect to
Paypal for example has been disabled.

  You will need to:

- Remove the curl_init string from the disable_functions at
php.ini* file
- Ask your hosting provider to remove the string above if
you don't have an access to the php.ini* file
- Change hosting provider which allows the running of the
curl_init function. 

You could also open the maintenance.php file and place a
comment next to that string but these functions wouldn't be

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Why can't advertisers select their own target zones?
When an advertiser purchases ads on your website, the zone
selection is predefined so that advertisers don't have to
figure out what zone corresponds to the placement location
and simplifies the purchase process.

Another key reason this is not allowed is because many
websites charge different rates based on target zone.
Allowing an advertiser to select would in-effect allow them
to purchase the lowest cost package and then select a higher
priced ad placement.

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What is the difference between Unique and Raw Impressions /
Unique Impressions / Clicks – The summation of visitors
(based on user IP Address) that have seen or clicked an ad
for the very first time within a 24 hour period.

Raw Impressions / Clicks – The summation of visitors (based
on user IP Address) that have seen or clicked an ad more
than once within a 24 hour period.

Total Impressions / Clicks – The summation of Unique and Raw
Impressions / Clicks. In other words, the total number of
times an ad has been viewed or clicked.

Read our Guide at

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How do I uninstall Ad Peeps?
To uninstall Ad Peeps from your web server you would.

1) Delete all files from the code tree such as removing the
entire /adpeeps directory

2) Delete/Drop the adpeeps DATABASE created in MYSQL through

This completely removes Ad Peeps from your web server.

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Can we white label the software?
Publishers can do the following to white label the software:

1. Remove our logo from the control panel and upload your 

2. Change background colors

3. Modify the head_foot.php file which controls the layout, etc

4. Change style sheets 

5. Rename the /adpeeps folder to something like /ads or 
adrotator if you choose.

Of course, support can't troubleshoot any issues caused by 
modifying files themselves.

When e-mails are sent from system, they will appear from 
your e-mail address and if provided in the settings will also 
contain your signature.

Your advertisers would never contact Ad Peeps for any 
support as that relationship is established between you (our 
client) and us, IMPACT Software Company.

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Can I hide the version that appears on login page for security?
Yes. Starting in version 9.1.14, you can hide the version by
completing the following:

Edit the mysqlauth.php file located in your /adpeeps directory.


$hide_version = 1; // Hides Ad Peeps Version

anywhere after the first line 

Save file and retest.

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The login screen is blank however ads still appear
The most likely cause is you have an old and incompatible
version of Ad Peeps.

Host are starting to upgrade to PHP 5.4 and greater.
For older versions of Ad Peeps there were features that were

We release updates about 4 times a year and encourage
customers to keep their software up to date for a few reasons.

1. Security fixes
2. Bug Fixes
3. New Features and Enhancements

- PHP 5.4x compatibility update - Parameter names that
shadow super globals now cause a fatal error. This prohibits
code like function foo($_GET, $_POST) {}. 

To see if your software is eligible for a free upgrade visit:

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I would like to be notified of updates.
Ad Peeps is updated every 4 months, thats about 3 times per 

From within your Ad Peeps software you can add yourself to 
our e-mail list. After every update, we will download that list 
and send the message to all users who have subscribed.

1. Login to Ad Peeps as administrator
2. Navigate to Other Features/ Settings > Settings / 
3. In the Software Update Notice field, toggle Enable/Disable

To change e-mail addresses or to update the administrator e-
Toggle it to Disable with the OLD administrator Email then 
SAVE changes. 

This will notify our server to STOP emailing the old 
administrator e-mail address.

Then, update the administrator e-mail address with your new 
address and click Enable.

Save Changes.

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How do I add custom fields to collect additional advertiser
Ad Peeps allows administrators to assign custom fields used
to store business specific information such as internal
identification numbers of advertisers. The information can
be optional or required and the setup is as easy as
modifying the language file.

View guide here:

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I have lost my admin password.
You can reset your Admin password by visiting the login
screen and clicking the "Forgot Password" link. Check your
e-mail and junk folder and follow the instructions.

If you ALSO don't have access to the e-mail address in the
Settings section, you will have to update the table with a
new address and then follow the step above.

The MYSQL Statement is:

UPDATE adpeeps_settings SET admin_email = 'YOUR EMAIL HERE'
where accno = '100000';

This will update 1 row.

If you don't have access to update MYSQL or PHPMYADMIN
contact your web host for assistance.

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Can we rename the adpeeps.php to something else like ads.php?
Yes however we don't recommend it as future updates you would have to 
repeat the same steps.

If  you want to continue.

1. Open adpeeps.php and find and replace adpeeps.php with ads.php
2. Open adpeeps_functions.php and replace adpeeps.php with ads.php

Save changes.

Html code generator will now generate new code with ads.php and clicks 
will be directed to ads.php

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The PHP/MYSQL Trial is no longer available.
Ad Peeps PHP/MYSQL version is available however the 7 day trial is not. 

Ad Peeps has always had a trial of the download version. However, we 
found that some hackers would download the trial, write code to disable 
our license system and then resell the software.

We soon would get support inquiries from unsuspecting customers for a 
product that we couldn't validate.

To help prevent this fraud, the trial is no longer available. Since the hosted 
system uses the SAME software files, we recommend clients signup for a 
free 7 day hosted account at

If they like (and we're sure you will), purchase the Download version if 

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We are getting an error,  PHP Fatal error:  Cannot redeclare imageScale()
PHP 5.5 introduced a function called imagescale -- Ad Peeps also had 
same function name which presented conflict. We renamed our function 
to ap_imagescale.

If you are getting this error, it means you are using a version of Ad 
Peeps lower than 9.1.14a since we patched this version and higher. 

We always recommend customers stay up with updates because we not 
only add enhancements but we keep up with what PHP is doing to keep 
our software fully compatible.

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How can I move my Ad Peeps to a new server?
There are a few steps that need to be undertaken. They are outlined below:

1. Ensure both are on same version since the tables need to be the same.

2. Move the uploaded_banners folder to the new server as this is where your uploaded 
banners are stored.

3. The mysql database needs to be extracted using a tool like PHPMyADMIN and imported 
into the new mysql database

4. You wouldn't need to run the setup program because you have imported the database and 
its structure.

5. Your mysqlauth.php would need to be updated to connect to the new mysql server on the 
new server.

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We no longer get lifetime updates.
When Ad Peeps started in 2003 we offered "unlimited" licenses and free 
updates for life. Due to widespread abuse and customers "Reselling" our 
licenses, this adversely impacted our business and sales.

To protect our business model and provide value add to customers we 
discontinued the offering of the unlimited license, in addition updates will 
be offered at a nominal yearly fee ($10-15 per year).

For customers who wish to remain grandfathered in on the old deal, we 
will do the following:

1. Provide absolutely free security only updates to their existing version 
of the software indefinitely. However, new enhancements, general bug 
fixes, etc are not included. 

2. This will also allow the use of the unlimited license on the older 
versions of the software.

We're sorry for any inconvenience this causes but most users have no 
problem with solutions that are fair and equatable to both parties. As a 
business, we sometimes have to refine our model to offer the best value 
without raising prices significantly.

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