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Whats difference between hosted and download version?
Functionally there is no difference. With the hosted service
our team maintains the software for you however, manages
bandwidth cost with our partnership with Amazon S3, and has
a small monthly payment.

We also utilize caching in the hosted environment to serve
your ads faster,

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Is the hosted service reliable?
Serving ads -- especially on high traffic sites is no easy
task. Ad Peeps records a mass amount of information such as
ip addresses, browsers, hourly statistics ect. As such we
don't take performance lightly. We have invested in our
technology to ensure continuous, fast and reliable service. 

Some ways we do this is:
1. Hourly backup to second provider.
2. Your ads are stored at Amazon S3 at no charge to you --
we pay this as well as locally.
3. We maintain all servers and software to ensure reliable
and consistent service.
4. We cache some ad results to ease database load. Read how
we use memcache here

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How is billing handled?
Ad Peeps Hosted is month-to-month with no contracts. You can
cancel at anytime as well as upgrade/downgrade plans.

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How many sites can I place the html code on?
We don't monitor how many urls you paste the html code on --
therefore its unlimited. We just monitor your monthly usage. 

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Can we brand Ad Peeps Hosted with our own url?
Yes! DNS Private Branding allows you to conceal the Ad Peeps
Hosted URL from your visitors/advertisers. The
control panel, ad calls, and advertiser login screens would
appear to originate from a sub-domain on
your website while still reliably being served, monitored,
and maintained on our domain and server


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Are there any additional cost with the hosted service?
No. The monthly fee per the plan is the only cost you will
pay. The coupon module as well as the geotargeting database
are are included and installed automatically.

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What happens if I go over my allocated limits?
You will start to get notices when you're nearing your
impressions limit. You will get notices every few days as
well. You account will remain displaying ads as long as you
don't exceed 25% overage.

Some key things to remember.

1) Our system will only suspend your account after notifying 
you over several days. By time accounts are suspended, they 
would have received at least 3 notices spread two days apart 
since our system will not check your account again for 2 days 
after a notice is sent.

2) You must go over your limit by 25% before it will suspend 
your account.

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My ads are being served from
Ad Peeps Hosted Solution utilizes Amazon S3 – at no cost to
you, to provide redundancy in serving your uploaded banner
advertisements as well as a failover provider in the event
of an unexpected hardware failure at our data center.

In the event of a failure, our entire database will switch
to a backup copy on a completely different web host.
Meanwhile, your ads will continue running using the Amazon
S3 service.
Amazon S3 provides a highly durable storage infrastructure
designed for mission-critical and primary data storage.
Objects are redundantly stored on multiple devices across
multiple facilities in an Amazon S3 Region.


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Help!, I forgot my login information.
Your e-mail address is your login name.

On the main login screen, there is a Forgot Password link.
Input the e-mail address you have in your systems and the
software will e-mail you your password hint (if available)
or a link to reset your password.

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How can I cancel my account?
You can cancel your subscription at any time -- there are no
contracts. Click on the Contact Us and provide the following:

1. Your account number (can be found on any e-mails we send
you or inside the control panel under My Account)

2. If possible a reason for cancelling so we can improve our

Your request will be processed however there are NO REFUNDS
for unused credits in your account. Customers may wish to
use the account up until the last expiration date since that
month is already pre-paid.

We won't delete your information from our system for about
90 days so you can come back within that period and have
your ads, statistics still in tact.

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What ad sizes does Ad Peeps support?
Ad Peeps does not have any restrictions on ad sizes. You can
upload any size you want. Most sizes are on the drop down
list however Ad Peeps will try to automatically detect the
size you're using.

We recommend use standard sizes however as set forth by so that your advertisers would
most likely have artwork within these guidelines.

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How can I update my credit card information?
Login to your account. There will be a "My Account" link on 
the top left corner of screen.

Click it to for the following features:
1) Update Billing Information

For your security, we do not store your Credit Card
information on our servers whatsoever or for any period of time.

Therefore, when updating your payment information, your card
will be charged immediately and passed to our merchant
provider to update the information on their end.

This will ensure we have a 1) new valid number and 2) an
authorization that matches the address of the card for all
future billings.

We recommend that you update your card on or close to your
previous billing cycle so you don't have overlapping billing.

If using PayPal, a new subscription will be created. So you
will need to login to your PayPal account to cancel the OLD

Instructions for canceling old Paypal subscription:
Login to your PayPal account. In the top menu, click the
History link.

Below the date selection boxes, hover over the rightmost
link "More Filters", move your mouse over "Subscriptions and
Agreements", then click on "Subscriptions".
Change the date range to match the date the subscription
you're looking for was created.

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How can I upgrade/downgrade my monthly plan?
Login to your account. There will be a "My Account" link on 
the top left corner of screen.

Click it to for the following features:
1) Update Billing Information
2) Upgrade / Downgrade plans
3) View Payment History
4) View Usage History 

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How can I view my payment history?
Login to your account. There will be a "My Account" link on 
the top left corner of screen.

Click it to for the following features:
3) View Payment History
4) View Usage History 

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How can I view my usage history?
Login to your account. There will be a "My Account" link on 
the top left corner of screen.

Click it to for the following features:
4) View Usage History 

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How often are statistics updated?
In our hosted solution, most statistics are updated in
real-time. However, certain ads such as ones that you set to
never expire are updated approx. every 30 min to ensure
optimal performance.

Learn more about which statistics we update right away and
which ones we defer in a batch process here:

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Where do I login to control panel?
Hosted customers can login using two urls. or

You may however have uploaded your own custom logo or 
background color. In these cases, you should use the UNIQUE 
URL provided in your welcome e-mails to distribute to your 

This will allow Ad Peeps Hosted to show your unique account 
information to your users.

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I need more impressions than available on your pricing page?
Our pricing page contains just a few of our offerings that 
meet the expectations generally of our client base.

Our system however can be expanded to support other 
impression limits. 

Contact us with your requirements and we will quote you.

A full list of prices are available here:

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I am on the hosted trial, how do I become a PAID Subscriber?
When you login as Administrator there is a "My Account" link 
at the top left section of the screen.

A window will appear with various options.

Select the plan you're interested in by clicking "Select Monthly 

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I am receiving alerts/notification that I am near my 
impressions limit but I just paid a few days ago. Why didn't 
my stats reset?
Ad Peeps Hosted has a simplified billing and recording 
system. We reset ALL accounts on the first of each month. 
This makes accounting, and research rather simple.

Therefore, if you purchased 1 Million impressions per month 
on Jan 1. You would get 1 Million impressions allocated to you.

However if you purchased 1 Million impressions on Jan 20, we 
would automatically prorate your impressions (give you a 
credit for the number of days outside the Jan 1 reset period).

So for example, you may receive 2 million monthly 
impressions while only paying for 1.

Your account will reset back to 0 on the first of each month at 

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Help! I can still see a recently deleted ad, or can't see an
ad I just uploaded.
Ad Peeps Hosted uses caches to reduce very expensive
database calls and to replicate to our network of servers.

As the administrator testing the system, this is more
apparent because your testing for a particular ad right
after removal or addition.

We try to strike a good balance with caching however. Here
are some basic rules we always follow.

1) Caching is always IP Address specific, which means if you
don't see the data, a new person visiting your site would
because they would not be cached yet.

2) Caching is not forever. In fact, our ad cache can only
live within the hour it was created. This means that if the
cache was created at 5:50 it will only live for 10 min., if
created at 5:00 it would take an hour for you to see the

3) Caching is zone, ad size specific. So if you uploaded an
ad to a new zone you would see the results right away. 

Learn more about how we use caching to deliver your ads as
fast as possible at

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What is the difference between Unique and Raw Impressions /
Unique Impressions / Clicks – The summation of visitors
(based on user IP Address) that have seen or clicked an ad
for the very first time within a 24 hour period.

Raw Impressions / Clicks – The summation of visitors (based
on user IP Address) that have seen or clicked an ad more
than once within a 24 hour period.

Total Impressions / Clicks – The summation of Unique and Raw
Impressions / Clicks. In other words, the total number of
times an ad has been viewed or clicked.

Read our Guide at

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Is there a limit to how many banners I can upload or advertisers that I can 
We don't have any system limitations in place at this time.

We reserve the right to add limits if necessary or usage trends effect 
performance of other users but typically each account could have hundreds of 
thousands of ads. 

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How many months/days do you retain statistics?
PHP/MYSQL statistics are kept until you delete them. For
hosted customers, we keep the aggregate or summary data
forever as apart of the advertisers permanent record.

However the hourly and day-to-day metrics come at a very
expensive price in terms of space needed to store as well as
performance since Ad Peeps has to index and maintain this
massive data.

Those records are stored for about 90 days.

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Does the Default Ad count against my impressions limit?
No, default ad is not counted against your impressions. 

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Does this support multiple domains?
Yes, The Shared Account feature allows you to create completely separate accounts 
each with their own branding, account numbers, statistics etc. The only difference is 
that the shared account will share the impressions limits of the main account and use 
their associated billing. This is ideal when managing multiple websites and you you'd 
like to keep things separate or if you're a developer that may provide this service as a 
benefit to your clients. 

Visit Features / Settings > Share Account

A guide has been published here:

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Can I show ads using SSL?
Ad Peeps supports SSL when serving ads. You may have a website that 
uses an SSL certificate for example to show a banner ad of products in 
services in a shopping cart or secure web application.
In order to show your ads using SSL when using our domain (ie simply change to


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How can I migrate from the PHP/MYSQL version to the hosted?
In order to move to the hosted and retain your ads, settings, etc you will 
need  migration services. We provide this free to you.

If you have access to your Ad Peeps software control panel you can login 
as admin and visit Other Features / Settings > Perform System 

Then make a backup of the following tables ONLY.

adpeeps_campaigns - Stores your advertiser information
adpeeps_ads - Stores the ads and their settings
adpeeps_auth - Stores the passwords
adpeeps_targetzone - Stores the targeting zones setup
adpeeps_statistics_summary - Stores the summarized statistics so that 
you can keep the totals
adpeeps_pricelist - Stores the pricing information
adpeeps_settings - Stores the settings such as logo and other options

Send this file to or upload it to your web server and 
provide us the link

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Passthrough Custom Affiliate Link or Other Parameter to a URL
If you have a need to pass through a custom parameter to the click 
URL of a website.

For example:

You can accomplish this with Ad Peeps Hosted. Follow the setup 
instructions below:

1. In the Ad Peeps HTML Code you will need to tell Ad Peeps the VALUE of 
the parameter you want to pass by adding:


For example, if you want to pass affid=128373 to link, you 
would need to
append "&xx_passthru=12345" to the Ad Peeps HTML Code where it calls 

	<script type="text/javascript" 

Notice the code at the very end. Be sure not to add affid or any other 
characters as the software won't recognize this at this point.

2. Now, in the "Website URL" field locating in the Configuration tab of the 
Ad Setup, you would plug in the passthrough variable like this:<xx_passthru>

3. When the ad is clicked, Ad Peeps will send the user to:

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