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How does Licensing Work?
Ad Peeps offers two product lines to best serve you and your
needs. The first is our flagship download PHP/MYSQL version
of the software. The other is our Software As A Service
(SaaS) which is remotely hosted by us for your convenience.
Licensing refers to the download version of the software only.

We offer the PHP / MYSQL version of software to customers in
the form of a usage license. A license is an authorization
key that is granted per domain name and unlocks the software
for use on that domain.

We have put together a short 1 page summary of licensing
that may answer any questions you have here:

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Can I show ads on multiple websites using one license?
Yes. You can place the html code on as many websites as you
want. They will all be served from the registered domain
installation. Additionally, you can setup target zones to
segregate ads from appearing on sites you don’t want or to
appear in specific areas of your websites.

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I am moving to a new domain, can I exchange licenses?
No. The license key is personalized and encrypted with your
domain information and is validated independently by the
software. In other words, your Ad Peeps software DOES NOT
EVER contact us to verify if your license is valid or not.

This is an important design consideration because in the
event our network is down, or we for some reason pack up and
shut down, your software will still work as long as the
domain name does not change.

As a result, we cannot issue a new license to you if you
change domain names since we have no way of “shutting down”
the license previously issued.

We encourage customers to purchase multiple licenses to
support future properties. There is a discount as well when
ordering multiple licenses.

Additionally, you can read our license policy at:

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Where can I find the Terms of Service (TOS)?
Our Terms of Service can be located at

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