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How can I pay for Ad Peeps?
We except Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover,
as well as PayPal.

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How is my credit card information protected?
Ad Peeps processes orders through our parent company, IMPACT
Software Company or through PayPal.

All orders are processed securely using 256 bit SSL
protection, in addition our payment server is PCI compliant. 

Lastly, we do not store ANY credit card information on our
servers or in our office. When we process it in real-time,
it is passed to our payment processor, and the order is

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Do you accept checks?
We have the ability to accept checks using PayPal however be
advised that the order won't be processed until the check
clears which can be a few days.

We recommend you not for pay software using a check unless
you really have to. Credit Cards are processed right away
and access is granted immediately. 

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What is the multi-admin module?
Ad Peeps has only one administrative account, known as
"admin". Suppose however you wanted to manage the ads on
another domain you owned without purchasing additional
licenses. This add-on would allow you to use your same
license but have "multiple administrator" accounts on one
licensed system.

By purchasing the multiple administrator add-on module, you
will be able to generate UNLIMITED additional administrator
accounts enabling you to separate your database and have
virtual instances of Ad Peeps running from just one single copy.


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What is the coupon module?
The Ad Peeps coupon module allows the Ad Peeps administrator
to create "coupon codes" to distribute to potential
advertisers, use in sales materials, ect. Once a valid
coupon code is entered, Ad Peeps will discount the order
based on a set percentage associated with the coupon code or
a dollar amount.

Coupon codes can be set to expire on a certain date and/or
can have a maximum number of uses. For example, you could
offer 10% off an ad package to the first 50 customers. After
the coupon code has been entered 50 times, it would expire.
Or you could set the coupon to expire on a certain date (ie
Christmas 2007).

This module is a single file that requires no additional
installation steps and once purchased, Ad Peeps will
automatically recognize and unlock these powerful features.


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Should I use the Hosted of the Download Version?
They are essentially the same product with one hosted by us
and one installed on your web server.

We have put together a small 2 page guide to help you decide
which is best for you, as one has a larger one-time upfront
cost, but you are responsible for taking care of a lot of
the technical details.

The other has a small monthly fee, but over time this adds up.

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What is Ad Peeps? How does it work?
Ad Peeps is a banner and text ad management system. It
simply allows web publishers to automate the management of
their ad inventory.

With Ad Peeps, you can setup price list. Advertisers would
then review your price list, select an Ad Package that you
created and pay using your payment provider such as PayPal.

They can then create their account on the system, upload
their ad, and check their statistics.

A quick start guide is available at

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When I change my credit card information I am charged again.
For your protection, whenever a new credit card is updated (Non-PayPal) we charge the card immediately in order to 
pass this information to our processor to update their records.

During this time we verify that the Address and Zip code matches, create an updated subscription etc.

We DO NOT Store your credit card data on our server which is why we charge again and send to processor to store 
securely for re-billing.

If you are charged twice in same month; we automatically credit you at the end of the month as we audit the billings 
or you can open a ticket to have this amount refunded sooner.

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